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Duration 08 Hrs

  • Learn about the AutoCAD program interface and the main screen.
  • Adjust the program settings and main units.
  • Learn drawing tools, such as: line, circle, and rectangle.
  • Learn the modifying tools, such as: move, erase, and scale.

  • Learn the annotation tools, such as: text, and dimension line.
  • Learn to make layers and to apply them on the drawing.
  • Learn how to create and insert blocks.
  • Recognize the lists: Properties, Group, Utilities, and Clipboard.
  • Print drawings using the Plot command and how to make layout of panels.
  • Explain some advanced commands to facilitate and speed up the drawing process, such as Design center, purge.
  • Apply orders to (4) general examples.
  • Draw an architectural plan with all its details, using the instructions we learned during the course.

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AutoCAD is the standard design software used in the engineering, architecture, interior design and construction industries. Designers and drafters use it to create two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) computer drawings.

  • Engineers
  • Drafters
  • Interior Designers


Ahmad is experienced in several drafting and design software like (AUTOCAD, PROKON, ETABS, and SAFE)
ِAlso he is Certified Professional from Autodesk

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