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  • Defining the different types of concrete sections and materials needed in the design process
  • Defining the types of loads and load combinations according to the ACI code
  • Using the American code in the analysis and design process and the requirements of each code (ACI – UBC)
  • How to prepare an AutoCAD file (DXF) and how to import it into ETABS
  • Defining all types of loads that are included in the course, which are live, dead, and seismic loads
  • Explain the effect of P-delta analysis and make the necessary checks
  • Checking project modeling and how to fix errors if needed.
  • Checking the displacements in the floors due to the seismic forces according to the code used and the irregularities such as the Torsional, Weak and the Soft story irregularity.
  • Designing shear walls, columns and Beams with the requirements for each member in the ETABS program.

  • Export analysis results of floors from ETABS to SAFE program
  • How to prepare SAFE for the analysis and design process
  • Definition of long-term deflection combinations in SAFE program and how to check it.
  • Read all analysis results in the SAFE program
  • Design slabs and Beams and verify all design requirements
  • Export results of Base reactions to design foundations.
  • Preparing the file for the design and analysis process
  • How to define soil properties and draw all kinds of footings
  • How to check Soil stresses, one way shear and Punching shear
  • Design and analysis of various types of concrete foundations

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This course aims to provide trainees with the most important skills necessary to design and analysis processes for earthquake-resistant buildings using different engineering programs such as: ETABS and SAFE, so that the trainees become familiar with the concepts of seismic design and structural analysis and the link between office design and application on the ground.

  • Civil student engineering
  • Structural student engineering


Bilal is a structural design engineer with long experience in teaching several design programs like (PROKON, ETABS, SAP 2000, and SAFE) also he is a certified lecturer in several engineering academies

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