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Duration 10 Hrs

  • Introduction comprehensive for HVAC system, basic concept, types and selection indoor
    and outdoor unit.
  • Vapor – compression refrigeration cycle and psychometric chart.
  • Calculation (heating & cooling) load estimation:
    – Arithmetic
    – By HAP program and print report from hap program.
  • Knowing hinge for architectural Schemes and read it, how to show & hide (layout) other
    Schemes and print it on AutoCAD program.
  • Size duct on duct sizer program.
  • Selection diffuser, selection pump, selection Fan, size pipe.
  • Type air and calculation pressure balance.
  • Apply all of the above and drop it on Schemes ) AutoCAD ).

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A special course for mechanical engineers, after the course will be able to design the air conditioning for facilities by arthmtic or program and apply it on schemes (AutoCad).

  • Mechanical Engineers.


Mechanical engineer. Graduated from Al-Balqa'a Applied University / faculty of Engineering Technology.

Work experience :
- Maintenance engineer and supervisor at Al-Nubala'a putlr water
- Mechanical engineer at Ram pharmaceutical company
- Mechanical design freelancer

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