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Duration 03 Hrs

    • Learn the basic concepts related to wastewater
    • Learn how an engineer can manage wastewater treatment plants
    • Enabling participants to do laboratory tests for wastewater tests

  • Enabling participants to work on comparing laboratory tests within the Jordanian specifications for treated water
  • Learn about the methods of treatment of sludge and methods of use

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The Laboratory Experiments Course for Examinations of Wastewater Plants is the practical and scientific qualification of any civil, agricultural, mechanical or laboratory technician who works in the field of wastewater treatment plants management, in addition to developing his professional and technical skills in this field, as the course aims to provide participants with the necessary competencies to manage Wastewater treatment plants with engineering form, as well as providing them with practical knowledge in conducting laboratory tests for wastewater treated in these plants and managing them.

  • Civil Engineers
  • Agricultural Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Laboratory Technician Who Works In The Field Of Wastewater Treatment Plants Management


BS, Civil Engineering of Water and Environment From Al Balqa Applied University / huson university college, Irbid, Jordan.
Three years experience in designing water, wastewater and environmental networks.

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