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Duration 14 Hrs

  • Introduction to Revit
  • Basic drawing settings and editing
  • Setting up level and grid
  • Drawing and modifying walls
  • Door and windows
  • Curtain wall
  • Component
  • Adding ceiling
  • Roof
  • Vertical circulation
  • Construction documentation
  • Annotation
  • Symbols tags and scheduled
  • Families & conceptual massing

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Revit Architecture is one of Autodesk’s programs that uses BIM = Building information modeling, similar to AutoCAD architecture and ARCADE; However, it surpasses them in the permanent development process provided by Autodesk, in addition to the compatibility of this program with all Autodesk products easily, such as the two programs: AutoCAD and MAX.

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Drafters


Hala Abdel Hamid, graduated from Al-Isra Private University / Faculty of Architectural engineering in 2016.
She has 2 years experience in engineering office. a lecturer for several courses in engineering software, such as Revit, AutoCAD and 3ds Max.

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