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Duration 27 Hrs

  • Chapter 1:Introduction to BIM
  • Chapter 2:Overview of the interface
  • Chapter 3:Setting up Levels and Grids
  • Chapter 4:Modifying Objects

  • Chapter 5:Modeling Structural Columns
  • Chapter 6:Modeling Structural Framing
  • Chapter 7:Modeling Structural Walls
  • Chapter 8:Modeling Structural Foundation
  • Chapter 9:Modeling Structural Floors
  • Chapter 10:Modeling Stairs and Ramps
  • Chapter 11:Modeling of Structural Steel
  • Chapter 12:Before the Project
  • Chapter 13:Project – Concrete Structure
  • Chapter 14:Structural Reinforcement
  • Chapter 15:Schedules
  • Chapter 16:Text
  • Chapter 17:Tag
  • Chapter 18:Permanent and Temporary Dimensions
  • Chapter 19:Detail Tools
  • Chapter 20:Project Settings
  • Chapter 21:Working with Views
  • Chapter 22:Creating Families
  • Chapter 23:Sheets and Revisions
  • Chapter 24:Graphics Tools
  • Chapter 25:Design Options
  • Chapter 26:Phasing
  • Chapter 27:Global Parameter
  • Chapter 28:Shared Parameter
  • Chapter 29:Creating Groups
  • Chapter 30:Template Creation
  • Chapter 31:Import/Export
  • Chapter 32:Coordination
  • Chapter 33:Worksharing

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Revit Structure is a BIM software that help you in a parametric modeling environment to design steel and concrete structures. Revit offer an integral system to design in association with architecture and engineering teams.

The goal is to teach the student to create, modify, analyze and document their structural parametric model. The student will learn how to create levels, work with walls, sections, elevations and create floor framing, roofs, steel frames, foundation slabs, footings, grade beams and stairs.

  • Structural / Civil Engineers.
  • Structural / Civil Engineering Students.
  • Quantity Surveyors / Site Engineers.
  • CAD Drafters.


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Amr is experienced in several structural platforms and design software (ETABS, SAFE, and PROKON) and 3D BIM modelling platforms Revit Structure (ACP) along with extensive exposure to design and construction codes and practices both nationally and in internationally

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