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1. Introduction to Tekla Structures
2. Basic 3D modelling: prosperities, views, and attributes
3. System components
4. Modelling techniques
5. Structural proprieties and profiles
6. Modelling main structural members: bracing, beams, rafters and columns
7. Modelling miscellaneous members: handrails, ladders and stairs
8. Interactive modelling and custom components building
9. Extensions and cladding installation
10. Composite slab decking and foundation installation
11. Numbering and reports
12. Creating single part, assembly and GA drawings
13. Installing crane and trusses
14. The sketch solver
15. Intelligent component building

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In these lectures I would like to teach how to use Tekla Structure program. It is made by Trimble, for construction and structural engineering. It is suitable for fabricators and detailers, students, structural engineers, concrete designers and bridge engineers. This software is capable to model structures; concrete, steel, timber and glass. And, it can be used to create skyscrapers, residential buildings, stadiums and bridges.

  • Structural engineers and students
  • Fabricators and detailers
  • Bridge engineers


Saja Rsheidat. She is a lecturer who teach a various civil engineering course. I’ve graduated as a civil engineer from Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2014, and I’ve graduated from Brunel University-London recently holding a master in structural engineering.

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